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[zozo_vc_section_title classes=”title-white-bottom” title=”ABOUT US” title_weight=”” sub_title_size=”32px”][/zozo_vc_section_title][zozo_vc_feature_box title=”” title_type=”h4″ content_size=”28px”]Founded in 2014, at Blissful Botanicals, we are a family and employee-owned company that strives to source the highest quality of kratom and botanicals. We are known to be one of the leading wholesale distributors for the purest kratom including kratom capsules, extracts, and powders.

With Blissful Botanicals, customer satisfaction is our number one goal and that everyone has a satisfying buying experience. Every product Blissful Botanicals sells comes with a satisfaction money back guarantee.

Come see why we are considered to be a top choice and have an outstanding amount of returning customers week after week.




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We provide the highest quality kratom strains of powder and extracts. We adhere to strict standards and guidelines to ensure our products are the best available to consumers.

[/zozo_vc_section_title][zozo_vc_feature_box text_align=”left” type=”lineicons” icon_lineicons=”simple-icon icon-badge” icon_shape=”icon-circle” title=”Good Manufacturing Practices” title_type=”h4″ content_size=”18px”]We adhere and follow the strict guidelines set under Good Manufacturing Practices through the FDA and are working towards having our facilities certified GMP.[/zozo_vc_feature_box][zozo_vc_feature_box text_align=”left” type=”lineicons” icon_lineicons=”simple-icon icon-calendar” icon_shape=”icon-circle” title=”Individual Batch Testing” title_type=”h4″ content_size=”18px”]All of our kratom and hemp-derived CBD products undergo routine batch testing to ensure quality, purity, and plant-matter testing. They are also tested for contaminants including microbes, heavy metals, and to ensure our CBD is THC free. None of the products are put on the market if they do not meet our set criteria.[/zozo_vc_feature_box][zozo_vc_feature_box text_align=”left” type=”lineicons” icon_lineicons=”simple-icon icon-book-open” icon_shape=”icon-circle” title=”Wholesale Distributor” title_type=”h4″ content_size=”18px”]We are a competitively priced wholesale distributor focussed on purity and offering the best quality kratom and hemp-derived CBD products for your dollar value.