Nourishing Body Cream | 500MG CBD | Full and Travel

The pairing of two moisturizers of rich hydrating cream with hemp seed oil deeply penetrates and quickly absorbs deep into the skin with a non-greasy feel.

Light-weight but powerful and is infused with Nano-Emulsified CBD extract that immediately penetrates, aiding in quick relief.

It contains 100% pure hyaluronic acid to hydrate, aloe vera gel to calm irritations deeply, and green tea extract for a powerful combination to restore skin balance for nourished, healthy-looking skin that feels great to be in.

Our ultra-nourishing CBD nourishing body cream is made with nano-emulsified hemp CBD extract that is absorbed immediately aiding in quick relief.

This innovative formula is designed to repair and protect the skin from everyday damages caused by environmental stressors.

Our ultra-concentrated topical cream is intended to provide a targeted effect on the area where it is applied.

Our proprietary formula penetrates beneath the top few skin layers and is designed to take effect at a deeper level than traditional topicals.

Non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly for lasting moisture throughout the day.

500mg Nano-Emulsified CBD Oil Extract per 2 and  8 -Fluid Ounce bottle.

Dye-Free and NEVER tested on animals.

*Plant-derived ingredients may discolor over time

Available Fragrances:

Fragrance-Free | Rose | Lavender | Citrus Grapefruit | Amber Vanilla

Fragrance & Size

Fragrance-Free – 8oz., Rose – 8oz., Lavender – 8oz., Citrus Grapefruit – 8oz., Amber Vanilla – 8oz., Fragrance-Free – 2oz., Rose – 2oz., Lavender – 2oz., Citrus Grapefruit – 2oz., Amber Vanilla – 2oz.

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