Small Business Commitment

We would like to interview your business or profession to see if it is a fit for our products.


With more and more small businesses losing sales to Internet shoppers. Most Kratom companies out there sell their products online through their own website. This is taken away sales from your business!


We at Blissful Botanicals exclusively sell to physical retail stores or professionals. No Internet sales of any kind, which provides more foot traffic to your store or loyalty from your patients. We interview and review every store or professional to see if it’s a good fit to sell our products. We also check the radius of each store that carries our products to ensure proper distance and exclusivity.

We specialize in making Kratom sales highly profitable. We accomplish this in3 keyways: pricing, quality of products, and advertising/education.

We price our products with you in mind and how we can make you more money. Our pricing is highly competitive for the quality. Our MSRP’s is at 2.5 times the purchase price to increase your margins of profit, where most of our competitors do not.

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of Kratom. We ensure potency and quality of our Kratom by enhancing it with our own Kratom extract. This keeps the customers coming back time and time again.

We provide educational brochures and posters on what Kratom is and the types of effects of our product lineup. We get you free samples to pass out to customers to help grow your sales of kratom. We also can provide a custom display case, posters, and banners to put up in or outside of your store to let your customers know you sell Kratom.